The fans of Steelers still waiting for Le’Veon Bell

The returning of Le’Veon Bell is become a question for the Steelers. The question arises here is he able to help Steelers team or not and if he then how much? During their Week 7 bye bell was expected to report Steelers. After the trade deadline fans were expecting to see him but it was not successful. Maybe he could make his way to Pittsburgh. Obviously, Bell is a perfect player in NFL.

James Conner performances and Bell’s views

Although, Adam Schefter already said that he has not any contact with Steelers and a puzzled tweet by Bell shock the fans in which he said he was apologized for the things which he believes right. The owner of Steelers Art Rooney described about the return of Bell which his whole team already familiar with it. The team and the owner expecting his report before the Tuesday deadline it is interesting news that Le’Veon Bell standoff with the AFC North champions. Bell sat out from the training camps in protest of his current contract. In addition to this, he was missed more than half the year which he was expected for the beginning of the season.

Steelers already saw many up and downs in his absence. Pittsburgh begun the season with the marvelous victory of 1-2-1 and they already won four different games to maintain their top position in the AFC North. James Conner was a big helpful hand in their victories. He has the excellent rankings in the Steelers’ wins during weeks of 5 and 6. As a result of that NFL Betting is going towards its peak. James Conner was able to get 21 carries for 110 yards. Against the Falcons he scored two touchdowns. James has been a revelation by stepped into Bell's role. He rushed behind Todd Gurley and he gathered 1,158 total yards in the season.

If Bell will return then where he'd fit into the team's attack. It remains unclear yet. Obviously Pittsburgh will do various techniques to reduce the Conner's workload and makes him fresh for deep run in the playoffs. But it is clear that Bell have to work hard to get his spot back.

Pittsburgh doing well in his matches with the absence of Bell. They scored a successful win over Carolina Panthers with the score of 52-21 on Thursday night. If they add Le’Veon Bell in their lineup then Steelers can do better as compare to they are doing now.

Is the comeback of Bell will work for the team?

Le’Veon Bell getting support from many other players. They think that fighting for the best contact is a better situation. Bell also posted on Instagram that he will be continue to be the ‘bad guy for the others when Earl Thomas’s public feud was held. Bell and Thomas are working on various ways to grasp the skills for money. It is very interesting moment for everyone if he returns to the game.

Bell has already good relationships with other team members and players. According to Bell he backdoored other players but they understand the decision. He also mentioned that he was really upset but he understands their side as well. Here another question rose that when he will rejoin the team can he immediately gives his contribution or not? Moreover, Pittsburgh has been insulating them for the Bell’s departure. But nowadays everyone praises the efforts of Conner. He already showed his skills to the entire world and he can become a famous player. If he shows up by November 13 then Bell will play under the tag for the second year. If this not happen then he will miss the 2018 season.

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